In the sphere of procedural representation

State fees, duration of civil and commercial cases and many other reasons force the companies and residents to avoid them by negotiations or arbitration. Our law firm has established policy that comply with these tends in order to reply to clients’ demands. Before offering court trial we try to reach a mutually beneficial result through negotiations. Only after this absolutely justified attempt, we begin to prepare for a judicial solutions of the dispute. Our experience allows us to claim the proven quality of our legal services in the field of civil and administrative proceedings. The experience of our lawyers and experts leads to the precision of forensic accounting and forensic economic expertise, which are the basis of any trial.

Our service package includes:

-advice, negotiations and drafting of extrajudicial settlements


-preparing and conducting arbitration cases before the BCCI AC, AC to the BIA, international arbitration

-preparation and litigation of commercial, banking, insurance, copyright, property, civil, heritage and international cases

-drafting the necessary documents in order to issues Order for execution of money obligations and execution grounds according to Civil Procedure Code